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Converting Emails to Leads: Q&A with Mitch Levinson

Email MarketingNow that you’ve defined your target market by reading our last blog post, here’s some information on how to reach out to them! When done correctly, using email to market to prospective customers can be easy, cost efficient and effective.

Here’s a Q&A with one of our managing partners, Mitch Levinson. He answers a few questions asked from a client’s perspective about email marketing.

Q: What methods can I use to define the interests of prospective customers?

Mitch: In this day and age, people are more sensitive than ever to spam and unwanted email. Therefore, it is increasingly important for prospects to self-qualify. By giving them a call to action once they are on your website, you can determine what it is they are interested in. For instance, you can use call to actions to find out if they want to make a purchase, are looking for information, are interested in contacting you, etc.

Q: How do I use this information to segment my email list effectively?

Mitch: Once you know who your self-qualified prospects are and what they are looking for, you can use this information to create the different segments of your email list. Prospects can be segmented based on their interests, the industry they are affiliated with or where they are in the buying life cycle.

Q: What constitutes “quality email content?”

Mitch: Quality of email content is defined and determined by who is receiving the message. It is all about delivering to the recipient exactly what they are looking for. Based on their interests and affiliations, you can determine whether they will respond most to pictures, information or promotions.

Q: Should I personalize email content to each individual or to each segment?

Mitch: You should absolutely personalize emails to each individual. It is important to implement true one to one marketing in order to establish a relationship with your prospects.

Q: Within my emails, should I focus on sales and promotion or informing and educating?

Mitch: Both should be included. Weigh more heavily on education and information to show them that you are the expert on the subject. Most selling should be subconscious, because no one wants to be sold something. Customers want to buy, and they want your help with making the decision.

Q: What types of emails are most likely to elicit a response?

Mitch: Emails with an emphasis on lifestyle elicit the most responses. Purchasing is based on emotion, so people take action when products or advertisements make them feel good. This can be done by showing them the value your product or service will add to their life.

Q: Once I have generated leads, how do I go about promoting to them in the future?

Mitch: You can follow-up with many things, such as thank you emails, new promotions, similar items to what they purchased, etc. Once someone signs up on the website or is captured as a prospect, it takes six to 10 touch points for them to remember your company’s name. Therefore, it is important to communicate on a regular basis, giving them information and showing them the value of your product.

Q: If a response is not elicited from a prospect, should I continue emailing them?

Mitch: Yes, continue following up until they ask to be removed from your email list.

Q: How can using email marketing benefit my company?

Mitch: Email marketing can raise brand awareness and increase sales. It is also cost effective when done correctly.

Q: What can mRELEVANCE to do help me with this?

Mitch: mRELEVANCE can assist your company to set up your email marketing the right way. We can make sure the message is right for your audience and delivered in a way that will capture engagement while remaining consistent with your corporate message and communication strategy.

By taking the extra time to segment your email lists and create quality and personalized content, more interest will be generated from your efforts. By using the answers to these questions, your company will receive more quality leads, more email traffic and, in turn, an increase in sales.

For information on how your company can utilize email marketing, contact mRELEVANCE today!