Create a 2019 Marketing Plan

Are you an avid planner or are you scrambling last minute to put together a plan? I am always amazed at the number of companies I ask “what is your marketing budget?” and they do not know…or even worse, they do not even know what they spent this past year on marketing. How can those companies even know if their marketing program is effective if they cannot tell what they spent to compare it to the results they got? Now is a great time of year to set your marketing program up for success by creating your ultimate 2019 marketing plan. Creating a 2019 marketing plan will provide you with clear direction in order to reach your goals and see growth in the next 12 months. Marketing planning can be used from start-ups to established businesses. When you make annual marketing planning a priority and it becomes part of your routine it will help you make better business decisions.

By creating a marketing plan ahead of time, you are allowing risks to be at a minimum. You are allowing the business enough time and proper resources needed. This allows you to be flexible in your marketing plan when unforeseen events come up. You are also creating accountability as the plan is set and there is a clear road map to guide your business throughout the year.

Essentials in your 2019 Marketing Plan:

Company Overview:
Reviewing your 2017-2018 can help you determine which of your efforts worked and which did not work. When reviewing your current year you should look at your total sales/ revenue, biggest challenges, tactics/ programs that did and did not work.

New Goals:
Now that you reviewed your current year, you are better able to design goals for your 2019 marketing plans. The best goals are specific, measurable, attainable, and state a deadline. What are your goals for this next year? This is your time to be specific. These goals should align with the growth you foresee for your company is the next 6, 12, and 18 months to come.

For example, you may set a goal that you want to increase leads by 5% every month or that you want to enter into 2 new markets in 2019.

Track your goals with measureable values called KPIs (key performance indicators). Learn more about how KPI’s can enhance your marketing goals by reading “What are KPIs and How Are They Used”.

Tactics You Should Include:
There are many means to go about your marketing efforts. However, not all tactics deliver measurable results. Some tactics you should include are a website, graphic design, blogs, social, SEO/SEM, reputation management, branding, creative content, and email marketing.

It is okay to choose new tactics for your 2019 marketing plan that you did not use in 2018. When choosing new tactics, keep an open mind to new ways to reach your goals. There is certainly more than one way to reach your goals. These tactics can help you increase cash flow, customers, and see great profit margins. You are establishing a systematic approach of promoting your business in order to reach your goals.

Putting Your Plan to Action:
Now that you have a clear plan of how you are going to achieve your marketing goals and the tactics you are using to get there, once 2019 hits it is time to see your plan take off! You are set up for success as many of your competitors have not even thought of their marketing strategy. You have sent the time being proactive in 2018 rather than being reactive in 2019.

Are you interested in a complimentary 2019 Marketing Planning Guide?
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