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Creative Content: Blog Post Ideas for New Home Builders

10_October_BuilderBlogTopicsBuilding your blog presence is much like building your homes and neighborhoods. Your content and message will become the foundation of your marketing program. With careful strategy and tactics, you can become a leader in the community. You can use this same methodology to build your blog and be the builder everyone is talking about, but more importantly, everyone is listening to. Buyers are searching for information to help them make a decision…why not let them hear from you?

Here are just a few ideas to get you started in your blog construction.



  1. What’s New / Trends in home design
  2. Best home and garden shows in (your area) – maybe even offer a free ticket drawing in exchange for comments on your blog post
  3. Checklist for first time home buyers
  4. New home construction industry report
  5. What to ask a custom home builder
  6. Top trends in custom home techniques
  7. How much does a new home really cost?
  8. Do I need a real estate agent to purchase a new/custom home?
  9. What are the best new home features for (area/location)
  10. Why new homes are more efficient
  11. Reasons for downsizing
  12. How open floor plans effect energy efficiency
  13. How we’re different from the competition
  14. Innovative techniques in construction we’re learning/implementing
  15. Certifications we’re proud to receive
  16. We’re honored to receive (this award)
  17. Get to know (employee) – S/He’s a big part of what we do
  18. 10 tips for maintaining your new home
  19. Best ways to landscape around your home
  20. 10 ways to make your home more efficient
  21. Top ways to settle into your new home
  22. Looking at upgrades? Here is what’s trending / Here are vendors we trust (after sale)
  23. Yearly maintenance tips for your new home
  24. How to keep your new home looking great
  25. New baby on the way? Tips for babyproofing your home.

These are merely suggestions to get you started, and this list does not even cover those easy topics that relate to the time of year and any holidays. Don’t feel like you have to write each one. Get your talented team involved and create some fun and interesting infographics, videos, or create your own lists. You can even interview your staff for personal interest pieces like for #17 listed above.

If these ideas are intriguing but you’re unsure if you can maintain your company’s blog ongoing, contact us and we can manage it for you. If starting a blog is on your to-do list, but you can’t find the time, we can help with that, too. We can provide you with constant creative content to keep your blog active and engaging all year long. or 847-259-7312.