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Cup Cup Hooray – It’s National Coffee Day!

09_September_CoffeeToday is National Coffee Day and the mRELEVANCE team thought it would be fun to share our coffee preferences and what they say about us. Maybe it’s also a little insight as to how we work as an internal team and with our clients. Read through; let us know if you agree.

Black Coffee – That’s it…plain, hot and pure

Mitch Levinson, President and Jason Grey, Web Developer

Black coffee drinkers tend to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle. They tend to be on the quiet side (wait, are really talking about Mitch, here?) and like to keep things simple and efficient. Their straightforward nature (absolutely Jason when he’s developing your website) makes us want to be around them.

Mitch’s Preferred Brew: DAILY – Homebrewed; Flavored Beans-sometimes (French Vanilla, Hazelnut). Mitch likes Dunkin’ Donuts coffee over Starbucks any day!

Jason’s Preferred Brew: DAILY – Dark and Bitter; homebrewed or Dunkin’ Donuts

On the ‘Lighter Roast’ Side: Keep things simple; Efficient

On the ‘Darker Roast’ Side: Tend to be perfectionists, Purists

Cream & Sugar – A bit on the lighter side…

Ricky Bakosh, Graphic Designer

Cream-and-sugar drinkers have somewhat of a dual personality. On one hand, they’re organized and put-together (have you ever had a conversation with Ricky?!). But on the other hand, they love to cut loose and get a little messy; caught between their logical and creative sides (and Ricky’s creative side ROCKS!).

Ricky’s Preferred Brew: DAILY – Dunkin’ Donuts-small coffee, medium cup, a little ice

On the ‘Lighter Roast’ Side: People pleaser; An open book; Team player

On the ‘Darker Roast’ Side: Can get over extended


Latte – Very Specifically Crafted

Carole Johnson, Marketing Manager

Latte drinkers have a more laid back nature and, as a result, don’t overanalyze. Reflective by nature, they prefer letting their imagination consider all the options in a leisurely manner.

Carole’s Preferred Brew: OCCASIONALY – Starbucks-With hazelnut and soy, either no foam if hot, or light ice.

On the ‘Lighter Roast’ Side: Likes to be comfortable; Social butterfly; Generous with her time

On the ‘Darker Roast’ Side: Tends to be a worrier


Iced Coffee – Baby it’s cold outside…all year ‘round

Lauren Pond, Office Manager

Iced coffee drinkers are assertive people. They have take-charge attitudes and this descriptor fits Lauren to a tee, as many times we need to be set straight. Lauren is drawn to iced coffee all year long, which shows she, like most iced beverage drinkers, is in control of her emotions so she’s not afraid to carry her iced drink through the cold Chicago winters.

Lauren’s Preferred Brew: DAILY – Dunkin’ Donuts-Iced Mocha, with a little cream and sugar

On the ‘Lighter Roast’ Side: Spontaneous, Imaginative, Upbeat and friendly (completely and utterly, Lauren!)

On the ‘Darker Roast’ Side: Has no time for drama!

09_September_DogsNow, we do have two total coffee snubbers in the office. And while there is a 3pm ritual of walking over to Dunkin’ for a mid-day break, not all of us participate daily. Doug Silk (SEO Manager) and Eric Pfeiffer (Web Developer), who are still perplexed by the affinity for this black gold, simply like to hang out for the comradery and conversation. Oh, and then there are the office mascots…they too are not fans of the stuff, but do enjoy their puppuccinos immensely!