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Highland Homes“Your website is only cutting edge once every two years. Is this the year for yours?”

A client shared this thought with me when they signed the contract for their new website, and it could not be more true in today’s environment. The new sites we are building can be utilized for longer than two years because of the scalability and flexibility our website architecture and functionality offer. Over the past year, we have had the privilege of designing and building some cool and fun websites. These award-winning sites incorporate easy-to-use content management systems, cool front-end design and cross-screen compatibility.

rADMIN™, or Relevant ADMIN™, is our backend content management system. Its flexible structure allows users to manage their websites, and rADMIN makes it easy to add functionality for our clients. Each individual functional module can also be customized to better fit that company’s business model. While rADMIN can be leveraged for any industry or any website, several of the unique features have been built specifically for the home building industry. Some of the rADMIN modules include:

  • Lead Capture Module – Website contact forms are integrated with a database that allows for easy viewing, editing, adding and deleting of contacts. Notification of new leads will be sent to the proper email addresses, as discussed in discovery. The system can be configured to integrate with any existing CRM system.
  • Enhanced Google Maps Module – Utilizing Google API, this map module offers flexibility in creating customized maps. Flexible options include placing different colored icons on the map in the proper location, filling out the pop-up with visual stimulating content and combining icons when they get too close due to map zoom level.
  • Interactive Survey Module – Create customized surveys to gather information from prospective, current and past customers, along with other influencers. The analytics reports are just a click away. These surveys really offer insight into the minds of your potential buyers and customers.
  • Mega Menus Module – Content rich and visually stimulating menus on the website will enhance user experience by improving navigation. Large graphic or text rich menus provide navigation options at a glance.
  • Landing Pages Module – This module allows for on-the-fly creation of website landing pages perfect for redirecting traffic after they’ve completed a survey, read an e-blast or clicked on an ad.
  • Social Networking Sites Integration – REL will integrate the client’s social networking sites by linking the blog to appropriate sites.
  • Enhanced SEO Module – This module gives the client the ability to manually update title, description, H1-4, image tags and meta data for every web page on the site.
  • Careers Module – Not only does this module allow for adding, editing and deleting company job postings, it also facilitates resume submissions.
  • User Administration Module – This module allows for adding, editing and managing company users and provides individual log-ins and role management.
  • Syndication Module – Syndicate your data through XML feeds to a number of online aggregators. Home builders can benefit most from our Trulia, Zillow, BDX and New Home Guide syndication.
  • MLS or Other Data Integration Module – Home builders and Realtors can benefit from pulling information from their listings onto their website. Pricing is based on MLS’s using RETS technology, other systems will be priced differently.
  • Content Direction and Writing – We can write all of the content for every page, or specified pages of the website.
  • Video Management Module – Link YouTube or Vimeo through the admin panel, and have the videos appear on the website. Simply add the link to the video, select the type of link (YouTube or Vimeo), categorize the videos per community and video type (testimonial, company, how-to, homepage) and edit/archive the existing videos. In addition, the admin will enable one video to be the ‘homepage’ video and one video (if any selected) to be the ‘main community video’. The ‘homepage’ video can display on the main website homepage, while the ‘main community video’ can display on the main community page.

rADMIN is an extremely useful tool, but from a consumer standpoint a website’s frontend design is their first impression. Design trends are important factors to consider for the user-experience. If a user cannot easily navigate a website, does not find what they’re looking for or just thinks it’s ugly, they are less likely to stay on the site for long. In addition to the previously mentioned modules, our most recent websites now incorporate elements such as mega-menus that give the user a quick at-a-glance preview of the information available, larger imagery to highlight the company product, Live Chat with an online advisor, responsive design and more. Here are a few websites that show our wide-range of design capabilities:

We recommend utilizing responsive design on all new websites. Responsive design has quickly become the industry standard for cross-screen compatibility between mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Mobile and tablet traffic has increased significantly over the past couple years, and it is important to take this into account to provide the best user-experience possible.

If you are ready for an award-winning, SEO-focused, ROI-driven, fully-functional website, give Marketing RELEVANCE a call.