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Cyber Monday Kicks off E-Spending

giftYou won’t find us camping out in long lines waiting for the mall or any retail store to open on Black Friday. The team at mRELEVANCE plans to do the bulk of its shopping online! This web savvy team is likely to be online over the weekend bargain shopping or waiting to see what Cyber Monday has to offer. While the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday isn’t the biggest online shopping day of the year, it is the biggest retail email day of the year.

Where are we shopping this year? Because the cookies, bots and spiders camping out on our computers already know our buying habits, we’ll go ahead and share with you too.

Michelle Serra: I always online shop at Nordstrom, Amazon, The Loft and Old Navy… Although Nordstrom is really more of a browse and dream type shopping.

Jill Wise: Toys R Us, Banana Republic, Amazon

Mike Rieman: and

Jose Quinones: –

Me (Carol Flammer): Cabelas, Amazon & the Lego store for Star Wars Legos

Laura Everett: Amazon, Ticketmaster and

Paul Stephani and several other team members didn’t respond, maybe they are all out delivering coal. (Of course, they all know how to comment and edit these blog posts, so I expect this copy might change over the weekend.)

If you were expecting a gift from Mitch Levinson, don’t hold your breath. When I asked him where he was shopping on Cyber Monday, his response, “Shopping? I’m simply not sure what that word means.” Of course, Mitch is offering FREE SEO services for one month, so he must have a bit of holiday spirit.

Watch your email for specials because Cyber Monday is the most popular day to send retail emails. Also, for those bargain shoppers, keep an eye on Twitter for online specials and coupons.

psst – Michelle, if you get bored, will you add a picture of a present to this post?