Would You Date Your Marketing Company?

marketing and datingLove is in the air, and I’m wondering, “Would you date your marketing company?” Angela McKay from Lasso Data Systems recently spoke at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas where she challenged the audience to “think of your marketing as dating.” Now, this may make you pause for a minute because dating can be a struggle. The saying that you have to “kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince” is not ideal for finding a marketing company. Afterall, who wants to “date” a new marketing company every month, six months or even every year? Changing your marketing company, or having a marketing company that is the wrong match can be detrimental to your company’s success. Finding you company’s marketing soulmate – now that is a match made by Cupid.

First, think of the list that describes your soulmate. Got it? Now make a list of things you are looking for in a marketing company. Do they match? A sample list might include:

  • Someone that understands me and supports my goals without always putting their goals first.
  • Someone that is committed to our relationship and communicates often.
  • Someone that seeks new things to do together. Doing the same thing every date night is BORING!

While that list is important for finding a life partner, it is also a good list to consider for finding your perfect marketing match. Here is why:

1. Someone that understands me and supports my goals without always putting their goals first. Your marketing is all about what is best for YOUR company, so it is important to find a marketing company that will listen to you, support your goals and set goals with you. , While they are there to provide advice and recommendations, it is important to make sure they are helping you to accomplish your goals. Marketing is not a selfish industry. It is about companies working together to provide a unified message that is creative and effective.

2. Someone that is committed to our relationship and communicates often. No one likes to be stood up by their marketing company. While things may come up, it is always important to commit to and meet deadlines. Remember, a marketing partnership is a mutually-beneficial relationship. If a marketing company is not committed to its customer, then that customer will seek other opportunities. So, how does a marketing company prove its commitment? Through communication of course! While most of us don’t expect a phone call or email every day, it is very important that a marketing company is consistent with its communication and follow-up.

3. Someone that seeks new things to do together. Your marketing company should constantly recommend new strategies, programs and ideas to keep your marketing fresh and up-to-date. This isn’t McDonald’s, they shouldn’t just take your order and deliver it. Today’s audiences don’t want to see the same old marketing campaign or social media updates. Companies have to offer content and creative that is both eye-catching and on-trend. That is where your marketing company comes in. They are the experts and should provide you with new ideas each month to keep your marketing relevant. While the “dinner and a movie” strategy may be safe, it is time to spice things up and become a trendsetter in your industry.

Finding a marketing soulmate does not have to be an endless string of terrible dates that leave you frustrated and ready to give up. Remember, if they are not committed to your success and aren’t striving to keep your marketing interesting and effective, then it is time to break-up and move on.

Looking to make a new marketing match? We’d love to date you, and we are definitely into long term commitments. Contact Marketing RELEVANCE today for more information on public relations, web development, SEO, graphic design, social media and much more.