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A Day In the Life of a Web Developer

A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

Dave Stiles has been with Marketing RELEVANCE for three years as a Technical Account Manager and Full Stack Developer. He, like most people, juggles different components of work, from client-facing to team-management tasks, on a daily basis. Keeping all the balls in the air is an art and a science for Dave. Discover a day in the life of a web developer.

Dave’s web developer days began 17 years ago, when he was in high school. His main roles with mRELEVANCE include project manager, expert consultant, client facing communicator and critical task developer. He balances oversight of two main silos of work; he organizes the work of his team and communicates about that work with clients. Dave made a flow chart of his average day because, he said, he’s a technical guy.

Q: What do you do first thing in the morning?Day in the Life of a Web Developer

A: I arrive for work and prepare for morning development meetings where I delegate tasks, discuss client needs and prioritize tasks for my team. This is usually when I notice if a project is on fire (see chart). And like most people, my day is full of interruptions. I must be available to extinguish burning back ends at a moment’s notice, while also answering questions, scheduling meetings and projects, and handling my own designated work. My daily load requires me to shift gears between projects, from meetings to quiet work, from a barrage of emails to steady production.

Q: What are your main responsibilities?

A: As a project manager, I delegate work to the development team, assist with completing that work, and educate them on best practices. I also act as an auditor of timesheets and work against estimates for clients. When I put on my Full Stack Consultant cap, I answer front end and back end development questions, Linux command line interface management, system administration and more.

Q: In what other ways do you segment your time?

A: I interface regularly with clients as a contact person regarding the status of contracted work, answer incoming requests and provide recommendations and information regarding website metrics and performance indicators. Finally, I complete difficult, risky or mission critical tasks that require large amounts of experience to successfully finish. I am the beginning and the end of the line for our web development clients, so I must sign off on the work of my team, and make it launch ready.

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