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Dayparting Your Mobile Strategy

mobile strategyHave you heard the latest buzz word surrounding mobile yet? Dayparting is exactly what its name suggests, separating the day into several different parts, and it’s becoming more common for business’ to apply this tactic to mobile strategies.

When applied correctly, dayparting helps reach customers more effectively by presenting the right message at the right time. Business marketing teams spend a lot of time developing good content, so wasting it on customers who aren’t paying attention is not an efficient use of time and energy. Instead, by gathering data to understand who your consumers are and how they behave, businesses can target them with appealing content at optimal times and in optimal ways.

So, how should a business go about dayparting their content? The answer is, it depends. If you’re a fancy steakhouse, chances are people are looking at your mobile website around dinnertime. If you’re a coffee shop, you probably receive most of your traffic in the early morning and during the evening commute. For home builders, most new home shopping is done on the weekends and at night, but he actual online research is conducted during the work week. Knowing what time of day or days of the week your business receives the most traffic can help determine what times of day to consider in a dayparting strategy.

However, knowing what time of day the bulk of consumers are visiting your website isn’t enough, businesses must also know more information about these customers. Take the time to research their demographics: age, gender, income, etc., so that you understand who your marketing efforts are trying to reach.

Dayparting can also extend to other factors such as the weather, location, competitors’ prices, etc. The point is that context is key. How many new home buyers are going to visit your sales center in the rain? Instead, they might be hitting up their local coffee shop.

One of the great things about dayparting your mobile marketing is that it actually isn’t that much more expensive than what you’re already doing. Instead, your business is funneling the same amount of money into a more favorable, specific period.

Just like in the past few years businesses have been developing websites that are more adaptive to consumer devices; it’s now time for businesses to develop mobile marketing strategies that are adaptive to when this same audience is there.

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