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Dealing with a Negative Online Customer Review

mRELEVANCE YelpLet’s face it, we live in an age where we turn to the Internet for almost everything and anything. This summer, it’s probably safe to say that most of us will spend some time online researching vacations and purchasing new products for those vacations. So how will you decide where to go and which brands and products to buy? You’ll probably look at customer reviews.

Customer reviews have become a huge resource for online research and advice on brands and products. According to a Huffington Post article, 38 percent of people are dissuaded from purchasing a product after reading only one negative comment, and 51 percent of consumers are more likely to be dissuaded after reading a negative post on social media or a blog. The good news is that only nine percent of people are likely to share negative experiences.

Although the stakes can be high, this leaves room for great opportunity for your business and products. Have a plan to ask your happy customers to give you positive reviews. For example, after customers use your services or purchase your products, provide them with links to your social media sites and websites and encourage them to write a review about their experience with your company.

No one wants a negative comment, but thanks to the Internet (mostly social media), replying to a negative comment and addressing the customer’s issue can be done quickly, efficiently and even visibly.

Potential customers might read a bad review, but if they see that someone from your business has taken action to mend the problem—whether it’s through a reply comment or direct contact—potential customers will appreciate the fact that your company is willing do the right thing. This makes being present on social media even more critical, seeing as potential customers are able to view interactions between your company and its customers.

Social media has become a platform for customer service. Make sure to answer each comment in a timely manner. Fast is almost a necessity in our daily lives, so make sure you don’t leave customers waiting more than two days to hear back from you. Responding within minutes or within a few hours is really what your customer expects. Even if your response is simply, “We are researching your issue and will get back to you.” This shows that you are there for them at all times, especially if they haven’t had luck contacting you through email or phone.

For more information, check out our blog about the Impact of Online Customer Service Reviews. If you have any questions, contact us here.