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Dealing With Gen Y – The Next Generation

Gen Y textingGen Y doesn’t own a turntable, will never have a car with an 8-track and certainly doesn’t remember the days of 3 TV channels that we had to walk across the room to change. And back in the day, cartoons only played on Saturday mornings. I used to get up before 7 a.m. just to watch Casper the friendly ghost!

This year at the International Builder’s Show, Mitch Levinson, Steve Lewkowitz and Joe Stoddard will present Dealing With Gen Y – The Next Generation of Builders, Buyers, Colleagues, and Employees.

Down markets eventually recover … but generational shifts are here to stay. The home builders who made it to 2010 now must learn how to sell to, work with and compete against the always-on, tech-savvy Generation Y. Are you ready? This session will focus on the housing products GenYers want to purchase, the lifestyles they want to lead, the technology they expect to use and the work environment you’ll need to create to attract the best and brightest of this dynamic generation.

  • Learn what makes GenY tick as a demographic group – where and how they want to live, the communication tools they use, the marketing channels that will reach them and the way they expect to work.
  • Explore the world of online social networking, and learn about its impact on you as a home builder.
  • Examples of how successful builders have changed their Web presence, marketing approaches, product lines and policies and procedures to attract GenY buyers and employees.

Add a calendar item to your smartphone for Thursday, January 21 from 8 – 9:30 am. We will see you in South 221.