Digg – just another Facebook Application

Digg, long regarded as THE social bookmarking site for creating social networks and sharing content, has recently made changes that position it in many ways as just another Facebook application. It is a bit of a disappointment for those of us who spent hours creating Digg communities to not be able to send a shout out to our Digg friends to share bookmarks.  The flip side is that it might be easier for Digg to sell to Facebook or another site and it will certainly be easier for those on Facebook and Twitter to utilize Digg as an ancillary social media tool as a new login is not required.

Social bookmarking sites allow users to organize, categorize and share Internet content by submitting links and a brief article description. Typically you bookmark sites you want to find again later or sites that you want to share with others. Saving them to an online site is an alternative to saving them in your web browser. Popular social bookmarking sites include Digg, Del.icio.us, Furl, Simpy, Propeller, Mixx, Reddit and Newsvine.  There are lots of social bookmarking sites, many of them inspired by Digg’s popular voting system than allows users to vote stories up and down. Social search engines have started to evolve where multiple users Digg or bookmark a story it starts to gain popularity and establish authority. This makes it really easy to go to a bookmarking site and search a specific topic. Chances are the topic with the most votes has the best content – peer review at its best.

Social bookmarking can be good for SEO. When you bookmark pages or posts it helps to create relevance for that page or post by creating an inbound link. When others also Digg or bookmark the page it creates additional relevance for the credibility of the page. Social bookmarking if done effectively can be an important part of an search engine optimization strategy.