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Digital Marketing: Change is Constant

07_July_Change-BLOGLINKThe industry of digital marketing is always changing. It is always evolving and pushing forward on the edge of the marketing envelope. Most innovative companies try to keep ahead of the curve.

Recently, marketing and advertising has shifted gears to be more visually driven rather than content driven. Content is still king, however the main focus is to draw in customers based on primarily what they see. An average internet user will scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram only skimming the content their friends put out, therefore it is essential to attach the most appealing image in order to make the user stop and actually take a look at your content. If you knew what kind of images will increase your traffic and ROI and which ones can actually hurt, you could use that to your competitive advantage.

A new trend that news outlets and other sources have begun to utilize is the concept of clickbait. Clickbait is putting something in the title or thumbnail of an article or video that is very loosely related to the actual content in order to get people to click on the link therefore increasing traffic to their page. What these sources do not understand is that just getting an internet user to click on their link isn’t enough. The final goal is always to get the user to click on your link bringing them to your website AND get them to take a look around. Thumbnails, titles and such should be treated like gems. They should pop up on the customers news feed, peak their interest, thus navigating them to your website, only to have them find even more gems lying within your content. The focus is to give them just enough of a taste while they scroll, and then give them the rest once they see what you have to offer. Using the most effective imagery will increase the traffic to your website and your ROI, yet using methods such as clickbait can and will have a substantial impact on your credibility as well as your SEO. People will remember that your content tricked them, and people don’t like to be tricked, so they will avoid you in the future therefore hurting you in the long run.

Another visual trend we see emerging is Snapchat group stories. Introduced just recently, these group stories allow a user to customize a story and individually choose who is allowed to add to it. The creator can also choose who gets to see the story. At first glance, it can be difficult to visualize how this can benefit a business. However, mRELEVANCE sees potential and can see that this may be where the future of marketing is heading.

The take-away here is that the world of marketing and advertising is always evolving. We have gone from radio to television to the internet, where there are countless number of advertising opportunities and sites, not to mention all of the various social media networks tapped and untapped by businesses. We will never run out of tools and there is no way to know what the next step is. Maybe the next step is Snapchat group stories, maybe it is something completely unheard of that comes out of nowhere. Make sure the agency you work with is prepared and that they understand how to use the tools we currently have and follow closely to what is ahead on the horizon. No matter what is to come, we know that visual marketing is the future, and it is imperative that we all understand how to utilize the tools we are presented in the future in the most efficient way possible.