What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

If you’ve been around any of us at Marketing Relevance then you’ve heard us say: an effective marketing plan needs both online and offline tactics. If you’re just getting familiar with our group you will come to hear us say it often. The term ‘online’ probably makes you immediately think ‘digital’, but did you know that offline efforts also play a role in digital marketing?

Before we start, I want to define digital marketing. It’s a global term for all of your online marketing efforts. This includes channels like your website, blog posts, email campaigns, social media platforms, and even search. Basically anything that touches you online is under this umbrella.


Digital Marketing Tactics

Now that we know what digital marketing is, let’s touch on some of the tactics that promote your digital presence…which in turn is, or should be, part your digital marketing plan. Some of the most popular are:

The practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic (or natural) search engine results. (source)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
The process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. (source)

Content Marketing
The art of communicating with customers and prospects without selling (source)

Social Media Marketing
The process of creating content that you have tailored to the context of each individual social media platform in order to drive user engagement and sharing. (source)

Email Marketing
The means of developing relationships with potential customers and/or clients. (source)

Digital Advertising
When businesses leverage the internet to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers delivered through email, social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or Web sites and affiliates programs.

While this is not a complete list, these are the most commonly used practices in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the more preferred method of reach today. With the average adult spending more than 20 hours per week online, most of your marketing efforts are sure to be spent there. One of the main benefits of digital marketing is that results are almost immediate. You can monitor website traffic, likes, shares, and comments in real time. This is a huge benefit to companies in seeing how their marketing dollars are spent; and more importantly, if they are effective.


How Offline Efforts Support Digital Efforts

You’re digital marketing efforts are now underway, but are they alone enough to make your company stand out? The answer quite simply is no…and that’s where the offline efforts come in. You need these methods to help support your online performance.

Every marketing plan should, at the very least, consider offline efforts to enhance the digital experience. This marketing handshake is used to support efforts across the board and can include mediums like direct mail, billboard (outdoor), and even television and radio. While not all budgets have the resources for all of these tactics, there are many ways that you can bolster your digital marketing efforts.

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