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Digital Marketing Specific to Your Industry

To any business right now, digital marketing should be the primary focus of your company’s marketing efforts. Many people are continuing to stay home from school and work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though some are returning to in-person daily activities, the world will definitely continue to be more virtual than ever before. Digital marketing can consist of brand strategy, social media strategy, email campaigns, SEO strategy and website design. Combining all of these into a finalized marketing strategy, though, depends on which industry your business is a part of. Today we will talk about digital marketing as doctors, business associations or home builders associations, and insurance agencies. 

Marketing as Doctors

As the pandemic continues, doctors will have to keep taking precautions to allow patients to come into the office, and their waiting room may never accommodate the same amount of people again. But there are great marketing opportunities for doctors right now to show patients how they’re combatting the pandemic. This could include what COVID-19 screening patients have to do before coming in, what extra PPE your doctors have started wearing, and what you’re doing to show how much you care about patients’ health and wellness. 

For overall marketing efforts for a doctors’ office, there are many tried and true strategies. Marketing how you’ll help people recover, as opposed to simply what their treatment options are, makes patients feel less stressed and more taken care of. This can be shown on your website, where patient reviews are a critical aspect. Having patient testimonials and customer stories on your website and social media channels creates strong customer connections. Also, having website welcome videos, FAQs, or treatment procedure overview videos on your website makes customers feel safe and trusting. Similar to videos, content marketing is great for doctors as well, to teach patients about what to expect. This builds even more credibility and trust.

In the workings of your website, online scheduling and billing can make patients’ lives much easier. Patients who can message doctors over a virtual patient portal will have more positive experiences and write good reviews. Most people read reviews online before choosing a new doctor, so these can be crucial to gaining more customers. Track the source of your patients and admissions rates, so that you know your ROI for each marketing strategy. Showcasing testimonials and reviews are the best way to bring in more customers, along with optimizing how many business directories you’re in.

Marketing as an Association

Business associations and home builders associations are both great examples of business to business marketing. Instead of marketing to individual consumers, they want to market to other businesses. In association marketing, it is most valuable to use current members to speak from experience. Businesses who hear stories from current members about why it’s worth joining will be more inspired to become members. If a prospective member hears about how your business association helped someone else’s business grow and flourish, they’ll be likely to join themselves if that’s the type of growth they’re looking for. Also, advertise your industry expertise. People want to see what they will gain from joining the association, and content marketing can show expertise. This will create a loyal and trustworthy relationship and form positive opinions about your association. 

When associations are looking for new home builders or business members, business to business marketing has many different techniques. Business owners care more about exact details and credibility than the individual shopper, so they are looking for a source of that credibility. Email marketing and Facebook advertising are both great marketing resources for associations. Prospective members can be brought in through personalized email campaigns that go out to specific target audiences. Surveys about recruitment events can be sent out over email, making prospective members feel cared about. Facebook is still the largest social media platform. Most businesses and home builders will already have a Facebook presence to connect with you from. These marketing strategies will help customers see what value your association will bring, leading to a long-term connection.

Marketing for Insurance Agencies

As an insurance agency, networking plays a key role in marketing strategy. Develop a large network of people who will recommend you to others– word of mouth is very valuable in insurance. Email marketing also works very well for insurance agencies. You can break your email list into smaller lists of customers that have things in common, to make email campaigns as targeted and as personal as you want. This taps into your existing customer base, which can gain more business from old customers or bring in leads from each customer’s personal network.

Social media marketing is very valuable for insurance agencies to connect with your customers, and show your customers who you really are. Livestream a fundraiser you attend, or post videos of your agency volunteering in the community. This develops your brand, and connects you with the community to show you care. Record clips of frequently asked questions as well, to teach your customers more about their options. Your agency can also build credibility with tips, how-to guides, and industry related content to teach everyone more about insurance. All of these would be great creative content pieces for social media channels. Social media ads can also target specific zip codes, professions, and other demographics to help you dominate Facebook, where the most amount of users will be active.

To carry the connection from social media over to your website, you can link informative blog posts, building even better trust with customers while also bringing in organic website traffic. All of these are sure fire ways to build that stronger relationship with clients through digital marketing.

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