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Digital Marketing Success in the Home Builders Industry

A few years ago, digital marketing was much less important than it is today. Marketing strategies like billboards, commercials, and direct mail were all successful then, but now people are seeing these ads as more and more disruptive. People have grown more likely to tune out commercials and billboards, and turn to Google when they start thinking about buying a home. Digital marketing has thankfully become more affordable and often more effective than other forms of advertising– as long as your business is a top search result for those seeking a custom home.

Home Builder Website Design

To make sure potential customers see your website when searching for a new home, make sure to have keywords like, “home builders in Illinois,” or “custom homes in the Midwest,” implemented in your title pages, home page, and in your website content. This shows Google that you have relevant content and the information that people are searching for. Keywords like best price, deal, or special offer also catch people’s attention and draw them into your website. As well as buzzwords like “home gallery,” that bring in users looking for ideas to put in their custom home.

Your company’s landing page is very important. When customers land on your website, they either click away or click deeper pretty fast. You want to have a direct description of what you can offer your leads right away. Your business’s purpose should be visible before anyone has to scroll down, with eye-catching and relevant page headings as well.

Photos of your work keep these leads looking through your website. Once potential customers are there, you want to make sure they browse from page to page before leaving. Have a web page for customer success stories and photo galleries of past projects. This captures the interest of prospective customers and gets them inspired– using previous clients to gain new ones. Users love an interactive website with a sense of community. Collect photos, quotes, or testimonials from past clients who were happy with your work, showcasing before and after pictures. Having a well put together gallery brings in many more clients. You want potential customers to be able to see specific details of each home. Pictures speak louder than words in getting people inspired for their future home, and excited about working with your business.

Attracting New Leads

Digital marketing from business to business can also bring more leads in. If other home builders or reputable people in the industry talk about your website, your credibility begins to build up on Google. This secures your SEO ranking and improves website traffic and leads. Having very informative content that answers questions frequently asked by new customers makes them spend longer on your website while increasing your company’s brand awareness and SEO. 

Another way to update past and potential customers about your business is by having an email newsletter that they can sign up for on your website. This is a good way to inform them of your new projects, skills, innovations, and updates in the industry. An email newsletter can showcase possible opportunities, or tell customers about local events your company is attending. Better digital marketing strategies will vastly improve a business’s website traffic and leads.

Best Social Media for Home Builders

Improving digital marketing for your business also requires finding the most successful social media strategy for your industry. Home builders find that Facebook is the best place to answer their target audience’s questions. Facebook allows you to communicate with potential leads while showcasing your projects. Twitter is a good app for having conversations with clients or other local businesses, and for talking about industry news. Another social media app that benefits home builders– while most other businesses can’t get much use out of it– is Pinterest. Pinterest is good for making creative content and boards about home details, interior design, and paint color schemes. All creative content like this, and especially featuring videos of your company’s homes, gains more potential clients. Social media is a great resource to get in front of the right people with the company message they’ve been looking for.

Home Builder Marketing in the Pandemic

Along with every industry, home builders are going to see some changes after 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these could lead to positive change, though. The millennial generation had a large amount of young adults that didn’t want to buy homes. A significant portion of millennials planned to stay in city apartments to raise their families, or rent houses instead of committing to buying one. But now that coronavirus has made big cities and dense populations very dangerous, people are rethinking. A large influx of millennials are quickly heading out to buy houses in the suburbs to be more spread out for their health and safety. Switching marketing strategies to target millennials could be very advantageous right now, bringing them in as they begin the search for a house.

Open houses may also be hard and unsafe to have for a while. Implementing virtual open houses on your website could get you ahead of the digital marketing competition. Showcasing video tours of your homes will increase website traffic while giving customers a perfectly safe alternative to open houses. Many of the year’s changes could benefit home builders. Getting ahead on digital marketing this year could bring in a lot of people looking to buy a home, connecting your business with more customers.

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