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Klout MomentsWith an ever changing world of social media, it can be hard for any one person, let alone a social media influence metric, to keep up. Since Klout was founded in 2008, social media has seen unprecedented changes that have made measuring social influence even harder than it was before. Recently, Klout released their latest rounds of updates, which concentrate on helping everyone to gain a clearer understanding of their true influence.

Some of the new changes and features include:

  • Increased accuracy based on a score that incorporates a broader amount of social media data. The site now measures more than 400 social media signals from 12 billion data points.
  • Real-world influence counts for something. As part of their efforts to incorporate online and offline influence into your Klout score, the site has now integrated Wikipedia into their inputs.
  • Interaction and participation on most social networks is continuing to grow exponentially. To keep up, Klout has adjusted the distribution of their scores to better reflect the growth in engagement across the world wide web.
  • Moments can be considered one of the site’s most significant additions. The new feature displays the content and ideas that have been the most influential across all of your networks. This feature can also help users see interaction patterns in order to help produce better content.

Wondering why Klout is important to you personally or your company? Today many people will look at your company or personal Klout score to see how influential you are about certain topics. The higher the score, the more likely people are to consider you an expert or an influencer in your field. And, in many cases, the more likely they are to respond to you.

Your company can increase its Klout score by using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Wikipedia to distribute your content and interact with your customers. Not only are these actions great social media marketing tactics, but at the same time, they help increase your Klout score, a win-win situation for everybody.

If you’re looking to increase your social media presence and raise your Klout score, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.