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Do You Need a Social Media Restraining Order?

Businessman in handcuffsAre you a social media stalker? If you answered no, you might want to think again. Sure, you may not be a stalker by the traditional definitions of the word: using the Internet to threaten unwilling victims or using Facebook to spy on an ex. However, you may be committing some transgressions without even realizing it. Below, are three tell-tale signs that you may be a social media stalker in need of a restraining order.

You might need a social media restraining order if. . . .

You respond to everything that everyone one posts. Do you have a quirky quip to every tweet? Do you immediately respond to all of your friends’ Facebook status updates? Then, you’re a social media stalker. There’s no doubt that your friends appreciate your interest in their lives; otherwise, you wouldn’t be friends. However, if you don’t tone it down soon you may find yourself “defriended.”

You “fan” and “friend” everyone that your friends “fan” and “friend.” If your likes and interests are based solely on your friends’ likes and interests, then you’re a social media stalker. There’s no reason why you can’t have similar interests as your friends, but it’s highly unlikely that you enjoy everything that your friends enjoy.

You monopolize the LinkedIn group. It’s nice that you have ideas and articles to contribute to your LinkedIn group, but if you are sending out emails to the group on a daily basis, you’re doing it wrong.

Need to overhaul your social media practices? Before you get slapped with a restraining order, contact mRELEVANCE to help you build appropriate online relationships.