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Does Your CEO Really Understand Web Development?

It’s time to redesign your website. Your fearless leader gathers key staff into the conference room to begin discussions….then what? Questions and comments are brought up that have nothing to do with the project and in many cases seem to be misconceptions about what the website redesign really involves. “I don’t know what I want but I know what I don’t” and “I like “X Company” website and what theirs does” is not an uncommon part of this conversation – but then you realize that the references do not compare similar companies. So you wonder…does the CEO really understand web development at all?

Here a few things that you can share with your CEO to help ease nerves and make your project run as smoothly as possible.

Website development is not as easy as one thinks

A website that is easy to use and looks great is the trademark of a seriously talented team. That seamless flow from page to page is actually quite detailed and intricate on the back end. So what your boss thinks is an easy site, is really only easy from the user’s perspective…and it should be. Many, many hours of design (and re-design), coding and development went in to making that site run and function as smoothly as you see it. So don’t be fooled, web design and development is not nearly as easy as you think.

The web agency was hired for their experience

It’s one thing for the CEO to lead the company and make it successful…that’s his or her expertise. However, building your company’s new website is not. That should be left up to the website experts. Share goals and objectives with your agency. It’s really all they need to begin work on the digital asset that best communicates your brand and is the first touch point that customers see when searching online for you.

Not everyone needs to be involved

Meet as team to come up with your objectives and goals for your site. Then leave the heavy lifting and day-to-day communications to your marketing team and the agency. Achieving a site that both the agency and the client are happy with isn’t built on the first try. There will be revisions and along the way, and more likely than not, a shift in scope in one way or another. As you move through the design and development phase you learn that some things just won’t work the way you had hoped and some adjustments need to be made. Too many cooks in the kitchen will bog down the process flow, cause confusion and cost time…which equals money.

It’s not a one and done thing

Once the site is launched that isn’t the end….actually it’s just the beginning. Now is the time to have the agency on hand to monitor your sites functionality. It’s also important to run a complete SEO (search engine optimization) program, because now that you have this awesome site you need people to see it! SEO is time consuming and needs regular monitoring to make sure the site is current with the search terms and techniques that customers are using.

Cost is relative

You get what you pay for is certainly in play when it comes to website development. It’s thought that a ‘simple’ website should be inexpensive. However, what most believe to be simple really is not. You’re paying for the depth of your agency’s ability and experience to provide you with an end result that works. Web developers are highly trained and skilled professionals that bring your ideas to life. The return on investment, the ability to deliver your information and brand to your target market and get them to take buying actions, the number of leads you capture and the way your site drives sales will determine how well your money worked for you.

The site isn’t designed to stand the test of time

Because building a website is not cheap, most CEOs feel that once the site is done it should last forever…or at least 5-10 years. However, this is definitely not the case.

Outdated Technology
The easiest reason to explain why is technology. As technology becomes more advanced your once current and very hip website will become outdated. It will run slower and people will begin to ignore it because it doesn’t function as smoothly as it once did. Take mobile use for example. Mobile devices are now the #1 method for accessing the internet. If your site is not responsive you will miss out on the majority of potential traffic.

Another reason to make periodic updates to your site is your competitors. You may have launched a new website in 2016, but they just did in 2018 and it looks really cool. Therefore you need to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’, per se, and make sure that you are on an even playing field with your competitors…or even a step ahead. If you don’t, your target market might just think you are either out of business, or that your products and services are also ‘old’.

Search Engines
Probably the most important reason to periodically update your website is Google, or search engines in general. Google is constantly coming out with new updates and you definitely need to keep up with them or risk getting left in the dust. Updated content and technology, combined with website elements like tags, security, mobile friendly, page load speed, and other tactics rank your site in Google’s eyes and determine how far up the SERP you appear. And the higher up you are, the more you will be seen by your customers.

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