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Does Your Social Media Make the Grade?

Social Media SeminarYou spend a lot of time on social media, but how do you know if it’s time well spent? Immerse yourself in this hands-on social media lab and learn the elements of a great social media program while evaluating your company’s online social assets.

Our Social Media Scorecard class gives participants the opportunity to perform a full audit of existing social media presence. We will dig deep into your profiles and show you ways to streamline your processes and create a more visually pleasing presentation. Our recommendations turn clicks into calls, and calls into buyers. We cover all the essentials, like:

  1. Branding – Review branding across all sites, making sure that your company’s logo is consistent across sites and matches the logo on your website. Hire a graphic designer to ensure that your logo is sized/shaped appropriately for each site.
  2. Content Strategy – Social media requires a focused and well laid-out strategy. Create a plan for content on your website, blog and social media sites. Include promotions, incentives, events, company news and more. Vary your content between photos, videos, infographics, shares, news articles, press, etc.
  3. Frequency of Use – Your plan should also define how often you post. The more frequently you post, the better. Try to update your social media sites daily, or at least every few days.
  4. Followers and Interactions – Make sure that your content is fun and worth following. Just posting updates isn’t enough; you need interaction from your followers (shares, likes, etc.), so post content that your audience WANTS to see.
  5. Goals and Measurement – Set objectives for your social media plan. Avoid fuzzy goals by defining specific and measurable targets regarding your social media efforts. Do you want more traffic to your model homes? Do you want people to contact you using your website? In your plan, identify measurable outcomes. Include who will implement your social media tactics and define a clear time frame. Decide how you will measure each one (by tracking things like website clicks, completed contact forms, clicks for directions and clicks to call, etc.).
  6. Overall Marketing Strategy – how does social media integrate into the entire plan?

This seminar is designed to be a half day lab for companies with existing social media sites. Request more information here.