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Dog Tags, Deer Tags, Car Tags & Blog Tags

Dog tags, deer tags, car tags, luggage tags and gift tags. . .

tags, tags and more tags. . .

What do they have in common with blog tags?

Like most things in life, it is important that tags are relevant to the subject matter.

Take man’s best friend, the dog. It doesn’t do much good to put a collar on Fido without a tag telling the pound who owns Fido in case he gets lost. With a proper dog tag and identification, Fido will be returned to his proper owner.

Deer tags are used to record harvest information on a particular animal. They provide conservation rangers and game biologists with relevant data that will be used to determine season dates and limits for the next season’s hunt.

Military dog tags identify soldiers with their service number, blood type, name and religion. This enables them to be treated in case they are injured by providing relevant and often lifesaving information to medics.

Car tags tell the state trooper who just pulled you over pretty much everything about you from whether your insurance is current, to your last ticket. They can match your insurance to your drivers license and tell your criminal history and determine other relevant data.

Luggage tags associate a person with their particular piece of luggage. Very helpful and relevant especially when every bag coming off the plane’s conveyor belt seems to be fashionably black.

What about that present for your mother-in-law? A Gift tag will let her know who the present is from when she receives it in the mail. Your sweet handwritten note will provide her will all the relevance she needs.

Blog tags are the labels on your post that tell Google and the other search engines what the story is about — in other words, what content it is most relevant for and how to catalog it. Are you using relevant tags? Is your blog sending traffic to your Web site? Are your blog tags the same as the keywords on your Web site? Should they be?

Blog tags are a staple in your social media marketing and optimization mix. Have you evaluated the effectiveness of your blog and your tags? Start off the New Year with a gift to your SEO, contact mRELEVANCE to a Social Media review and make your blog tags more relevant than ever by increasing the relevance of your Internet marketing program.