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Dragas Rebrands to Appeal to Millennials

Rebranding of homebuilder DragasmRELEVANCE recently partnered with The Dragas Companies, a nationally recognized new home builder in Virginia Beach, Va. to refresh and consolidate its brand. As a 48-year-old company, the brand lacked consistency in all formats. However, the brand was very sound in prospective buyers’ minds due to the company’s long history of building a quality product and treating buyers with respect. The company’s tagline does a great job of summarizing the Dragas brand – “The lifestyle you want, the location you need, the legacy you trust.”

The first step in branding for millennials was to focus on colors that appeal to millennials because this is a targeted demographic that matches the product Dragas builds and an area the builder wants to expand sales. With 10 to 12 different colors on the website, the mRELEVANCE team had a wide color palette from which to choose. mRELEVANCE Graphic Artist Megan Morgan said, “We chose three colors and stuck with those throughout the branding.”

Millennials tend to favor cooler colors such as blues and teals, so the new color palette features black and teal as the primary colors, with accent colors of bright blue and orange.

Blue – Lots of websites incorporate the color blue because it is the color of trust. It is also a color that evokes feelings of clam and serenity, and as such inspires security and a feeling of safety. Blue is also incredibly versatile; its vibrancy has more drastic e­ffects than other colors. Water and the sky are both light blue, so it typically gives a refreshing and free feeling. It can even be energizing if it is bright enough, while retaining a reliable calm.

mRELEVANCE chose the two blue tones because they are both a bright but relatively neutral tone and that will inspire a calm and serene feeling for the viewer. The darker blue/teal color will be the main color, while the lighter blue may be used in areas where the darker blue becomes too dark to be seen.

Orange – This fun, bright color evokes feelings of warmth, physical comfort, affordability and security. Because it is a combination of red and yellow, orange is stimulating, creating both a physical and emotional response in the viewer. It focuses our minds on issues of physical comfort such as food, warmth and shelter, as well as sensuality. Orange is just plain fun!

We chose orange as the secondary color because of its positive connotations with younger audiences and the sense of comfort which resonates well with younger families. It is also one of the smaller highlight colors because it does well in small areas. It is used for small ‘pops’ of color or to draw attention throughout print and web where the blue is not bright enough or doesn’t work with a cool color scheme.

In addition to streamlining the colors, we worked with Dragas to pick just one approved version of the logo. Previously, there were multiple variations with a variety of colors being used, which could cause confusion amongst potential customers. The version chosen as the Dragas logo will maintain consistency as it will work well online and in print.

Sally Hovarth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with The Dragas Companies states, “mRELEVANCE made the rebranding process super easy and enjoyable. They took time to understand our target audience, the history of our brand and our marketing program to help create a consistent and fresh brand identity.”

Overall, the new branding provides The Dragas Companies with clear outlines on how to portray its brand identity no matter where or how it’s being used. Along with the updated color scheme that will better appeal to Millennials, this new branding will provide consistency across platforms avoiding confusion for customers.

If your brand identity needs to be refreshed or streamlined, the Marketing RELEVANCE team can provide you with the guidance to create an image that appeals to your target market while remaining consistent across every platform. For more information on our branding services, contact us online here or call 770-383-3360.