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Dunsing Inspections is the Guest on Staying Relevant Podcast

Episode 10 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast is released and available for listening. In today’s episode Mitch Levinson, President of Marketing Relevance, sits down with James “Jamie” Dunsing and Kristin Marsden of Dunsing Inspections. Dunsing prides themselves in building trusting relationships with homebuyers and real estate agents. These relationships are what helps drive their business and continued success. 

Jamie and Kristin talk at length with Mitch about the different types of inspections they perform and how it is essential their clients have confidence in their services they are receiving. They explain how social media, email follow-ups, reviews and personalized notes helps them maintain good client relationships and acquiring new ones. These tactics can help many businesses with relationship building, this is great advice from Dunsing Inspections for all listeners of this podcast.

Next Monday, March 23 at 10am episode 11 of Staying Relevant Podcast will be released so make sure to subscribe to our podcast so you will be guaranteed not to miss any episodes. Want to be a guest on our podcast? Fill out this form and we will be in contact with you.