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Duplicate Content on Your Blog is Bad, Um…K?

duplicate contentDuplicate content on your blog is bad. Why? Because Google tells me so; and when Google speaks, I listen. Besides, don’t you want to provide your readers with thoughtful, unique and relevant content? You should be providing information that keeps your readers on the edge of their seats and coming back for more!

Well, maybe your posts about your new project, advancement, award or service aren’t as enthralling as the latest celebrity gossip, but you DO want to be seen as an industry leader in your subject area—something that won’t happen if you constantly repost material from another company’s site or even your own. Below, we’ll explore duplicate content and why you should avoid this pesky annoyance at all costs.

What is duplicate content?

You may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Well, duplicate content occurs when you replicate substantial blocks of copy. First, it can be information that appears multiple times on your site. Second, it can be the same content found word-for-word on a different external websites. Quotes and small amounts of information are OK. Usually, small amounts of copy are replicated unintentionally.

Why should you care?

You should care because Google cares; and when Google flags your site as containing duplicate content you move farther down in search engine results. Why? Because Google wants to provide its browsers with a lot of unique content rather than the same old stuff, and so it filters information accordingly.

Steps to take to avoid duplicate content:

  • Make sure each post is substantially different. If you’re posting similar information on multiple sites, then change it up. Your articles should be 40 to 60 percent different from each other.
  • Be seen as the original source. There are times when you want to put the same information on multiple sites (like when posting a news release). However, to make sure your site ranks first, you should include links back to your own site in the article.

Taking a few precautions will help ensure that your site doesn’t wind up being buried in the shuffle.

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