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Effective SEO Objectives

Effective SEO ObjectivesSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of getting your website to rank high in Google or other search engine results pages. This chart, from Marketing Sherpa, evaluates how companies think about their goals and objectives for SEO. It also sheds some light on the metrics that gauge success.

The top three are no surprise. (1) Increase web traffic, (2) brand or product awareness and (3) generate more leads. It also makes sense that number four for B2C companies is to increase online sales. Public relations, reputation management and traditional offline sales round-out the rest of the chart.

In my opinion, these responses are not only specific to SEO techniques. The fact that companies view brand awareness, reputation management and public relations as objectives for their SEO efforts further solidifies the connection between social media and search engine optimization. It also clearly shows, as was a hot topic at PR+MKTGCamp during the session I moderated, that marketing, advertising, Internet strategy and social media all play a critical but combined role in a corporate communication strategy.

What is even more interesting – and I hope to see a chart on this in the future – is the question, “Which function in your company takes the lead with regard to these tactics? PR, marketing, Internet technology, corporate communications or social media?” Please comment on this post to let me know how your company handles these objectives.