Don’t Be Distracted by the BLING-BLING

Red Sports CarThere’s more to social media than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Posterous. While these are certainly the “hot” social networking sites today, don’t get distracted by the shiny bling-bling – this isn’t advertising.

Would you try to drive a car without an engine? Social media is really no different than driving a car. The shiny red paint job is social networking, the engine that propels the program is your blog and the wires that connect all of the electronics together is your strategy. When you measure the distance it took to drive from point A to point B – THAT is the return on investment (ROI).

mRELEVANCE isn’t the new kid on the block when it comes to creating effective, strategic social media programs with measurable results. Stop wasting time washing that red paint on your hot rod and let’s work together to focus on the engine and the road map to get relevant results. We will check on the red paint along the way, but it doesn’t really matter how pretty the car’s paint is if you can’t drive it out of the garage!

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