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Email in the age of Social Media

Dispelling the Myth that Social Media is going to Abolish Email

Twitter and Facebook have dominated the social media scene recently. With their ability to have a more ‘real’ conversation then can be had via email, many people are starting to wonder where does email fall into the scheme of social media? Is there a place for email amongst all the newest social media platforms?

The answer? Yes. While we may find in the future that Twitter and Facebook reduce our need to rely on email for quick messaging and replies. There is still a place for email in the land of social media. In addition to remaining the number one way users share online data, email is now evolving becoming part of ‘social sharing.’

Do you Agree or Disagree that Social Sharing...

‘Social sharing’ allows recipients to share the contents of an email through their social media sites and networks. This combination of targeted email and social media has opened a wealth of opportunity for marketing by extending the reach of the email contents to the entirety of the recipients social media networks. In addition, social sharing has led to an increase of brand awareness.

As the Internet changes and grows and Internet fads flare and die, the oldest form of communication, email, lives on. While it’s purpose may change over time, it seems as though email will have the longevity to live on for awhile longer.

Top Chart: Dispelling the Myth that Social Media is going to Abolish Email

Bottom Chart: Do you Agree or Disagree that Social Sharing…

Thanks to Marketing Sherpa for the stats and graphs!

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