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Email Marketing: Are You RELEVANT?

Email MarketingMarketers around the globe know email is one of the most effective marketing tools in their marketing toolboxes. Capturing email addresses on your website, at a trade show, or even at the point of sale is critical for continual follow-up and future sales, but what is the best way to market to those email addresses. Creating an environment that gives your prospects and customers a way to continue to get valuable content and information from you, without overwhelming them with too much information so that they ignore, or even worse, unsubscribe from your email program requires a lot of thought. If we break it down to the very basics, there are really only three types of email marketing: Auto-Responders, Monthly Newsletters, and e-Blasts. Understanding what each type of email marketing is, what situations they are best suited for, and how we go about maximizing their effectiveness will help you create an effective email marketing program.

1. Auto-Responders

First up, we have auto-responder email marketing. This form of email marketing is a message sent to the consumer after they have subscribed to your blog, utilized your service, or even bought your product. It is the “Thank You for choosing us! Please give us a rating!” messages we all receive almost every day. This method is best suited for initial greetings and showing the customer that you care and are grateful that they chose you for their needs. By sending these messages, the customers notice you noticing them. However, the content of these messages are very important. If the content is extremely brief and impersonal, the effect can actual be the opposite of what is intended. This is why it is also important in this type of follow-up to personalize the auto-response emails. Try to include the customer’s first name, along with graphics, full sentences, and questions specific to the type of auto-response email they are receiving. And remember, you can set up a series of these kinds of emails so that the customer will receive at least this kind of communication from you every week or other week for the next 3-6 months. Make sure that the content is relevant and valuable to the customer, but remember that the goal here is short and sweet and just have them think of you every so often.

2. Monthly Newsletters

Our second type of email marketing is the monthly newsletters. These seem self-explanatory, and for the most part, they are. Every month, we put together a newsletter intended for our clients and/or a prospective client that states what we are currently working on and how everything is going. We mainly include the most interesting or visited blog posts for that month. We want to make sure we send in our newsletter the most popular content so that the readers who get it will like what they get. We notice that by taking this approach, it helps drive traffic to not only our website, but more importantly, our client’s websites as well. This form or email marketing is best for situations in which a company has grown a list of clients, possible clients, or followers that are interested in keeping up with the company or just want to know what the company has to say. And don’t forget to use this every so often to ask for referrals.

3. e-Blasts

Lastly, we have e-Blasts. E-Blasts are plain and simple, they are a single flyer or marketing piece designed to create excitement for a specific promotion, event or product. Think about sending a direct mail piece and direct marketing. This kind of email is the most similar to direct mail. You can use the existing lists you have, and/or try to create a list of anyone and everyone that may be interested in a service, and then create a welcoming, friendly, and overall nice message to send out to them. You can also even hire a company that maintains a list and let them send your message or promotion to their list. Remember, this message or promotion is a great time to demonstrate the value of what is being offered, how it can help solve their problem or fit their need, and contact information for them to get in touch. Also include links to social media pages, and even ask for comments and reviews, because we know that is becoming very important to people nowadays. We are experienced in tailoring e-blasts to fit the needs of any business.

All three email marketing strategies explained in this post offer their own benefit and create positive interaction for a company. A healthy mix of the three is the best way to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing as a whole. We are able to accomplish this and we hope that we can help you get started or even better your current email marketing strategy.

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