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Show a Little Appreciation

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day. With your staff spending most of their waking hours at work wouldn’t it be nice to let them know how much you appreciate them? Here are a few fun ways to show a little appreciation.


I mean, who does like to eat? After all, the way to an employee’s heart is through his or her stomach, right? Wait…well, any way how about treating your staff to morning bagels and coffee, or a sweet treat after lunch like an ice cream sundae bar or cupcakes. Better yet, take your team out to lunch. Some down time relaxing and having fun will brighten up the rest of day.

An Outing

Get out and do something fun together. Try one of those awesome escape rooms or go bowling and have prizes for fun things like highest (and lowest) score, most strikes or most gutter balls. Team building exercises come in all shapes and sizes and since you’re away from the office no one will be the wiser.

Flex Time

Have you been thinking about a flex-time or work from home program? Why not try it out? Announce the foundation of the program tomorrow to kick it off and implement a trial day(s) in the coming weeks.


Do you normally take executive level employees on trips, to client meetings or association gatherings? Ask other team members to join you. It makes them feel important and promotes their investment in their job and your company.

Money, Money, Money

You don’t have to literally give them money. Try popular gift cards. If you know your staff well enough, give them each a card to their favorite haunt. It doesn’t have to be much, just a token to say ‘thank you’.

Time Off

Be flexible in giving your team a few hours off tomorrow or give them a coupon to choose their own day to cash it in.

Lottery Tickets

How fun would it be to hand out scratch offs at lunch and then spend a few minutes as a team taking turns to see who won…now wash it down with some ‘mocktails’ and you’ve got yourself a little Employee Appreciation Happy Hour.

In the end, just remember to say thank you and that you genuinely appreciate the effort they put in day after day….that goes a long way. But in the spirit of “everyone loves a good party”, go ahead and live it up tomorrow!

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