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Episode 15 of Staying Relevant Podcast: Guest Adam Moschin

Episode 15 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast is now available for listening. In this episode Mitch Levinson, President of Marketing Relevance, speaks with Adam Moschin of Elliss Park Partners. During the podcast, Adam explains how Elliss Park is a commercial real estate and development company that focuses on being able to market to a variety of potential tenants such as; commercial, industrial and retail spaces. The owners of the company feel that it is essential to advertise to potential clients with photos on the website that shows the aesthetic appeal of the property they are looking to purchase.

During episode 15 of the podcast, Mitch and Adam speak at length about the importance of potential tenants taking the time to walk around the property, speak with current tenants and ask questions about experiences with the current landlord. Elliss Park believes when purchasing existing assets, to improve on them and then lease them out. Adam explains how they pride themselves on being great landlords and making sure the tenants spaces fit their business’s needs.

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