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Episode 22 of Staying Relevant Podcast: Guest Josh Gort

Episode 22 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast is now live and available for listening.  Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks with Josh Gort of Cutco. Josh serves as an independent contractor for Cutco as Sales Professional and Divisions Events Coordinator.  

Being with Cutco for almost 10 year, Josh has filled many roles and continues to be a successful salesperson. However, to Josh it is not all about sales. For instance, it’s about being able to maintain relationships and connections with his customers. It is import to Josh that all 2,300 of his clients needs are met. An interesting fact about Josh, when he first started selling, he would practice on his family members and families of friends.

In episode 22 of the Staying Relevant podcast, Mitch learns the ins and outs about Cutco along with how Josh markets to his potential customers. Being around for over seven decades, and selling high quality American made kitchen products, Cutco prides themselves on customers having positive experiences. For example, they have a lifetime guarantee on their knives. Furthermore, they show appreciation to clients with a gift and handwritten note. Josh attends numerous events throughout the year such as home shows, state fairs and gift shows around the holidays. In conclusion, Josh explains to Mitch the importance of consistency, and where his business is coming from. 

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