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Episode 26 is Live! Special Guest Kevin Leighty

Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast episode 26 is now available for listening. This episode is perfect for those who want to learn the inner workings of suburban villages. Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks with Kevin Leighty. He is the Economic Development Analyst for the Village of Schaumburg.

The Village of Schaumburg was founded in 1956 and prides itself by focusing on the residents. The values of the village are reflected in the slogan: “Progress Through Thoughtful Planning.”

During episode 26 Mitch and Kevin discuss the importance of a village like Schaumburg needing a successful marketing program. How does their program which is rooted in pushing a unified message work? For instance, it works through many outlets as possible to keep the community informed. Currently, the village is working on redeveloping the former Motorola headquarters and keeps the community updated on the progress.

Kevin’s Responsibilities

As Economic Development Management Analyst, Kevin has many responsibilities. For example; serving as an ambassador to Schaumburg’s business community, managing the village’s Cook County Class 6b incentive program, assisting with business recruitment and retention efforts, and producing all business-related content for the village’s various media outlets.

Furthermore, Kevin’s department focuses on recruiting industrial and office users to the community. This allows for a large employment base and for Schaumburg to retain its reputation as a great place to do business. However, to keep the community informed, Kevin’s department sends out information via e-newsletters and social media alike. Equally important, the Schaumburg Business Association is also an ally in supporting local businesses. First, those who are looking for an area to do business in should know the Schaumburg municipal staff is incredibly supportive of the business community. Secondly, they are actively seeks ways that it can further improve to help business thrive.

Tune in to learn more about Kevin and the Village of Schaumburg. Finally, if you are looking to be a guest on our show, fill out the form. Next, we will contact you get on the schedule. Meanwhile, never miss an episode by subscribing to our podcasts.