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Episode 27 of Staying Relevant Podcast is Live: Guest Seiji Oyasu & Fred Lee

Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast Episode 27 is now available for listening. Tune in as Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks with Seiji Oyasu and Fred Lee. Between the two of them, Fred and Seiji have an extensive background in international sales, engineering, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and management. The knowledge in these fields led to Fred’s latest project: SERI Glove, which aims to provide EverydaySmartGloves to people seeking out hand-hygiene protection while in public. 

What are SERI Gloves?

Designed for on the go sanitization and made of 100% hydrophobic polymer. This means the gloves do not absorb water and feel like a second skin. Furthermore, the gloves can be used in public and intended for light duty tasks. Because of COVID-19, hygienic awareness is at an all time high, and SERI Gloves offer the perfect solution to prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, the company values philanthropy. They plan on donating their first lot of inventory to assist in fighting COVID-19.

Fred’s background

Fred has 27 years of international sales experience. He has utilized his engineering background and experience with international sales to develop unique products. Fred’s career is extensive and diverse. For example, he spent 15 years as an engineer, product manager, and international sales director. After that, he moved to Korea to start his own scientific equipment manufacturing company. That venture led to Fred moving back to Palatine and launching SERI technology. 

How Seiji contributes to SERI Glove

Seiji contributes to SERI Glove in various ways. Not only is he a global product management and marketing professional, but he also used the education he received in International Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to move to Tokyo and kickstart his experience working in multinational corporations. He furthered that knowledge by getting his MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.

Learn in Episode 27 how Fred and Seiji have known each other for close to 20 years and use their combined expertise to create a product that can benefit people around the world, especially in the face of a pandemic.    

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