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Episode 28 of Staying Relevant Podcast: Guest Isaiah Fishman

Episode 28 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast is now available for listening. Marketing Relevance President, Mitch Levinson, speaks with Isaiah Fishman, Chicago attorney, who has worked 12 years for Kaplan Saunders Valente & Beninati LLP

The Firm:

The impressive collection of experts that the firm employs means there is reliable expertise regarding business needs one may have. Those interested in purchasing or selling commercial real estate, including developers and property managers, their experts help every step of the way.

Isaiah’s information:

Even though Isaiah grew up in Connecticut, he decided to remain in the midwest after attending the University of Iowa. As a result of this invaluable college education, he obtained a position working for a Tier 1 real estate litigation team. The firm focuses on midsize Chicagoland businesses plus a few Fortune 100 clients. However, they do not handle divorce, patents, and personal injury law.

Isaiah explains that people who aren’t lawyers need to understand they receive calls for many different circumstances, not just when there’s a problem. In order to clarify, Isaiah stated that some of his best litigation is completed before the case is filed.  

Listening to episode 28, learn what it is like to work in commercial litigation, especially real estate and employment law. In order to get his name out there and educate new clients, expanding his network base is essential. By utilizing referrals and repeat business he is able to continue growing his clientele.

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