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Episode 30 Staying Relevant Podcast is Live: Featured Guest Travis Heberling

Episode 30 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast is now available for listening. Marketing Relevance President, Mitch Levinson, sat down with Travis Heberling of Visual Filmworks, a Chicago video production company.

About Travis:

Travis is the founder, director, and lead editor of Visual Filmworks. Travis is well versed in many mediums of art, which is what his degree is in. His versatility allows him to work on many different kinds of projects that show his skills. For example; video production, animation, photography and design projects. What helps Visual Filmworks remain a successful company is the belief in having real conversations with his clients about their project goals. For instance, if a client’s response to why the video project is needed is that their web designer said they needed a video, that does not give Travis the true scope of the project. He will continue speaking with the client to find out the best plan of action in order to create the best video and where to publish it as well.

In Episode 30, Mitch learns the challenges of producing fewer, high quality videos rather than more videos for a lower quality. However, Travis explains it is easy to market videography services to any business or couple looking to get their story produced. Travis explains to Mitch the importance of taking the time to speak with clients in order to produce exactly what they are looking for. What sets Travis apart from other businesses is his business model – quality over quantity. He doesn’t shy away from telling clients that they don’t need a video.

Marketing Visual Filmworks:

Marketing his business for instance, Travis has positive results from word of mouth from previous and current customers. Other leads come from Instagram and the utilization of hashtags, such as; #ChicagoWeddingVideographer or some other variation. Social media is an extremely powerful tool in reaching potential customers.

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