Episode 37 of Staying Relevant Podcast is Live! Featuring Marcus Melnick

Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast episode 37 is now live! Listen as Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks with Marcus Melnick, from Your Firearm Mentor. Marcus prides himself in being an entrepreneur, and mentor, which the audience will understand after listening to this podcast. 

Marcus’s Bio:

Marcus starts out episode 37 with a really fun story about the Tactical Daddy was born. About 14 years ago, he was taking his son to the hospital and he knew he had to gather all the items that go inside the diaper bag. Before leaving, he walked by a closet when “the lightbulb went off.” He grabbed a tactical vest, put it on and proceeded to fill up the pockets with items that normally go into a diaper bag. Thus, he became the Tactical Daddy. 

The Firearm Mentor came about with Marcus being a mentor to people who have taken his classes. For instance; he maintains contact with the people who have taken the classes and consulting with people about what firearm matches with the person.

Briefly, here is a little more about Marcus. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and graduated from Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command. As the Firearm Mentor, he has worked in various public safety roles for 27 years. 


One of the biggest challenges is the misperceptions that people have about firearms. For example; people who don’t have experience with guns make the assumption that guns are associated with violence. Furthermore, these thoughts come from an instinctive defensive mechanism called projection. What exactly is projection? It psychologically protects people from concepts they do not understand or accept. 

Target Market:

Marcus explains to Mitch that his target market is mostly new gun owners or considering purchasing a firearm. The main target is people who currently own a gun and want to obtain a concealed carry license.

He has found success with a specific type of marketing program via multiple channels. Marcus is part of groups on social media with an interest in firearms along with posting on his page. Putting up flyers at locations for example that sell guns is another way people contact him to take a class. Of course, word of mouth is another marketing tactic that brings in people. 

Tune into this informative and educational episode with Marcus. Finally, if you are looking to be a guest on our show, fill out the form. Next, we will contact you to get on the schedule. Meanwhile, never miss an episode by subscribing to our podcasts.