Episode 38 of Staying Relevant Podcast is Live! Special Guest Jason Stallard

Episode 38 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast is now available for listening. Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks with Jason Stallard, Real Estate Broker with The Stallard Group and community advocate. Jason is also the founder of Off 53 which showcases local businesses and non-profits. 

Jason’s Bio:

Jason’s previous work experience was in hospitality but in 2017 he switch gears and became a real estate agent.  When starting in the real estate industry, he wanted to help people achieve their goals plus be able to anticipate their real estate needs. Jason prides himself in providing exceptional service to his clients. One approach is using the most updated technology and techniques to ensure his clients showcase their homes to all potential homebuyers. Furthermore, Jason is relentless in the pursuit of using innovative marketing strategies to help his clients get the most money for their homes.

Jason finds satisfaction collaborating with local businesses and nonprofits in the communities. He accomplishes this by showcasing all the positive things happening in those communities. It is because of this drive and passion, Jason explains to Mitch, was how Off 53 was born. Off 53 tells the stories of all the good things happening in and around our communities. The mission is to promote the good through real estate and a selfless community first approach. Which, helps build a community brand.


Continuing further into episode 38, Jason explains that his target market is anyone looking to buy and/or sell residential real estate. Plus, he services first time homebuyers, investors and people looking to downsize or sell their parents home. His location consists of the northwest and northern suburbs of Chicago.

Part of creating a successful marketing plan for Jason is telling a story. For instance; focus on what the consumers need, lead with value and be consistent. Most importantly, it is about the consumers he serves and helping to solve their problems.

Tune into episode 38 to learn more about what Jason does to promote the good from Off 53 through real estate and bringing community to the forefront. If you are looking to be a guest on our show, fill out the form. We will contact you and get you on the schedule. Never miss an episode by subscribing to our podcasts.