Episode 39 of Staying Relevant Podcast is Live! Special Guest Maria Huja

Episode 39 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant podcast is live! Join Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, as he speaks with Maria Huja, partner at Claremont Management Corp.

Maria’s Bio:

Episode 39 starts with Maria telling Mitch that she was born in Romania, and came to the United States at the age of 9. Upon graduating from DePaul University with a degree in Accounting, she started working for Claremont Management Corp. For the last 11 years she has continued to grow her business and in 2019, Maria was made partner.

About Claremont Management Corp.

Located in Rolling Meadows, they provide a variety of accounting and tax services to small to mid-businesses and middle to high end individuals. What differentiates them from other companies is working to customize their services to individuals whether for business or personal. For this reason, they do not quote flat rates upfront. Another factor that sets them apart for instance, all tax preparers and accountants are Enrolled Agents with the Internal Revenue Service. An Enrolled Agent is the only type of federally licensed tax practitioner with unlimited rights to represent people before the IRS. 

Another factor that makes Claremont unique is the personalized services they provide to their clients. For example; they always answer calls and emails within 24 hours even during tax season. Plus they do not screen calls.


Maria explains to Mitch how the company just signed up for a service to help them request reviews from current clients. According to Maria, this has really helped with their online presence especially when a prospective client googles them. Most of their clients do come from referrals. However, they have had a surge in online searches that have brought in new clients.

During the non-tax season they send monthly emails. This helps to keep clients updated with any news and helps to stay on their mind even in non-tax season.

Maria further explains how a successful marketing program generates a meeting. Once she has the client in person or on Zoom, the rest is up to her. It is that first step of getting the potential client in the door.

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