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Event at Schaumburg Business Association: Guest Speaker Mitch Levinson

Mitch Levinson, President of Marketing Relevance, got the chance to speak at an online event for the Schaumburg Business Association. The event featured a panel of local experts in business. They discussed best practices on how to market your business during this new normal. Each panelist shared informative and helpful information for those looking for tips on how to bolster their business!


The presentation began with four timeless marketing tips from Sarah Moreau of Harvest Media. She spoke about focusing on client retention, knowing your audience, clarifying your message, and standing out from the crowd. Next, it transitioned into Ben Olson of 3 Monkey’s & Aardvark Studios. He talked about the importance of branding images remaining simple, consistent, and true. 

Marketing Changes

Mitch spoke on what today’s buyer process is. His presentation remained topical by speaking on how the marketing funnel has changed significantly over the past two months. Just because buyer processes are fluid and ever-changing, does not mean that sales and marketing necessarily are. In fact, Mitch reminded the audience people will always want to do business with people they trust, like and believe. This has not changed in well over 100 years. Significant changes are tactics and media to get the message across. Mitch educated panel listeners on the changes and best tactics to use to encourage people to interact with your business. 

Mitch discussed the steps in the marketing funnel that come before a client is likely to interact with your business. The first step is awareness, where potential clients know your brand exists when thinking about making a purchase decision. Next comes consideration. Buyers will rely on their sphere of influence to consider your product based on reviews. The third step is engagement. For example, once your brand has been chosen, clients will interact with posts on your website or social media. The last step—and one that every business wants to achieve—is getting people to purchase your product. Purchases rely on the three of the previously mentioned steps. However, call to action and clear website design are also important. 

Kari-Ann Ryan of Mid-West Moving & Storage closed with how to inform your audience to optimize your business and brand. 

All of the speakers at this event had fantastic and useful tips to share about both business and marketing! Click here to watch the presentation and hear about all of these useful tips from local experts!

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