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Every Door Direct Mail Helps Spread the Word

Mail Marketing StrategyLooking for a way to make direct mail effective? With the help of the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program, your business can make sure that this piece of your marketing strategy is right on track.

EDDM is an online tool from the USPS that helps businesses choose mailing distribution lists by neighborhood, zip code or target area. The tool will even estimate postage costs by looking at the number of households and businesses in your targeted area. Plus, when it’s time to send your mailing, all you have to do is print the appropriate documents to take with you to the nearest Post Office.

Using EDDM businesses can target a location without an address list, send out local and national campaigns, find new customers, increase revenue, reduce mail preparation costs, enhance their reputation and build more traffic.

To take full advantage of EDDM’s potential benefits, businesses should consider spicing up the items they are mailing out. Consider using Postagram to create custom postcards for different audiences or send out eye-catching brochures with a fun message and links to your latest social media scontest. Make sure your mailing is fun and creative; this way you will stand out in all the advertising clutter.

To start making your mailings even more relevant, register your business on the Every Door Direct Mail website.

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