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Expert Content is Key to Attract Buyers

Private QuartersWhat type of content will have the best effect on your audience’s purchasing decisions? Nielson Media Research, a leading consumer research company, revealed the results from a recent study regarding how expert content, user reviews and branded content influenced buyers throughout the purchasing process. Expert content had the biggest impact on consumers, and having a public relations team is a great way to get that content.

Details of the study:
• Target audience of 900 nationally-represented participants from casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.
• Controlled lab environment in the Nielson MediaLabs
• Participants took online surveys before and after they were shown the three different types of content in regard to each product
• Participants were shown several different categories of products in varying price ranges

Results of the study:
• Overall stronger consistency between expert content and increases of familiarity, affinity and purchase consideration of all the products
• Expert content was especially influential toward products priced from $1,000 and up
• Branded content increased these higher-priced items’ familiarity more so than expert content did, but the expert content had noticeably higher results for affinity and purchase intent

So, what does this research tell you about the content your company should have? Having content from “credible, third party experts” is key to generating purchases, and having a skilled public relations team is the key to acquiring this content.

Public relations professionals form relationships with the media that can help generate the third party expert content your company needs. By catching the interest of third parties, public relations professionals make it easier for your company’s information and news to spread and be turned into outside content.

At mRELEVANCE, our public relations team works hard to create meaningful relationships with media. By sending out newsworthy items to media outlets that are relevant, our clients are more likely to get recognized by third part experts.

Recently, Lori Johnston, a writer for the popular “Private Quarters” section in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s HomeFinder, saw a pitch from our public relations team about an Ashton Woods Homes townhome bought by Johnny Carino, owner of Chef Johnny Carino Innovations and Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurants, and Austin Willams Carino. After asking additional information about the home builder, the townhome and the new owners, Johnston turned the pitch into a four-page spread. The article incorporated great photos and information about our client, Ashton Woods Homes. This was a great opportunity for Ashton Woods Homes to gain content from a third party expert and reach out to its buyers. It also showed how a skilled public relations team can benefit a business.

If you do not currently use in-house public relations or an agency, then your company may not be reaching its fullest potential. For help with your public relations strategy, contact mRELEVANCE today.