Facebook Engagement: Striking Up a Conversation

social mediaFacebook is certainly the most widely used and known social media network of the digital age, and a majority of businesses are using it to connect with fans, drive website traffic and increase sales. However, there is no point in having a conversation to begin with if no one is listening or better yet, responding.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing Facebook engagement:

  • Share links to your latest blog posts with a short description/statement. Side note: once the link preview shows up, you can physically delete the actual URL from the post
  • Share promotions you are offering or create special promotions just for Facebook
  • Post photos of your products, your employees, happy customers, people using your product, etc. People love to see photos, and these will often cause spikes of increased activity.
  • Share news outside of your own website such as industry trends, related lifestyle tips, local news, etc.
  • Tag people and other company pages. This will greatly expand the reach of your page.
  • Ask questions that people will want to respond to. An example might be: What was your first car?
  • Purchase Facebook ads in order to drive likes or promote specific posts. This does not require a huge budget, we have found $30 a week can be effective.
  • Separate Facebook and Twitter. Twitter users do not want to see your Facebook status update in their feed. It can be the same content, but it should be in a unique, targeted format.

Still don’t know if you’re actually engaging customers? The best thing to do is to experiment. Try posting different types and varieties of updates to find what works for you. Facebook has built-in features for page admins that show the reach of each post, how many people are talking about thepage and more. You can also use programs such as Sprout Social which will analyze your data to figure out optimal posting times and provide informative reports.

It’s important as a business to keep in mind what the ultimate goal is. Creating a social media marketing strategy is one simple way to make sure that your content is relevant and engaging.

If your business is looking to make your social media take off in 2013 or for more information, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.