Facebook Launches Timeline Cover Photos

mRELEVANCE is pleased to announce that it has clients “covered” when it comes to new Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. Facebook launched Timeline for pages in March, and one of the most noticeable changes is the addition of a large cover photo at the top of each page.

Carol Flammer, managing partner with mRELEVANCE comments, “Although Facebook has very stringent guidelines for what information you can include in a Timeline Cover Photo, this huge space offers businesses an excellent branding opportunity. With today’s limited marketing budgets, it is more important than ever to use online assets as an extension of your corporate brand.”

In fact, a recent eye-tracking study conducted for Mashable by EyeTrackShop found that 100 percent of Facebook page visitors look at the Timeline Cover Photo when they visit this page. The statistics show that this is the most looked at area of the page capturing 80-percent of the time that Facebook users spend on a page.

The mRELEVANCE creative team has been super busy designing cover photos. We hope you will take some time to check them out: mRELEVANCE, Atlanta Real Estate Forum, Chicagoland Real Estate Forum, GA Home Foreclosures, Boone Homes, Keystone Custom Homes, Gerstad Builders, S&A Homes, Harris & Doyle Homes and Medicare News Group.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s guidelines for cover photos. Companies are not allowed to include price or purchase information, URLs, phone numbers or calls to action. However, companies can use photos or collages of their products or people interacting with their products, highlight statistics or facts about their company and include their tagline or colors. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase and brand a company.

Designing Facebook cover photos is just one of the marketing services offered by mRELEVANCE. For more information, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.