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Facebook Seeks Some Corporate Action

Facebook LIKE“How do you like me now?” Facebook has made several recent changes to improve interactions between consumers and corporate brands. The most recent is that Facebook users will no longer fan the pages of corporations, instead they will indicate that they “like” the company. Hopefully consumers will be more willing to like a company because it is less threatening and less of a commitment than becoming a fan. So when you browse the pages that you previously fanned, you will see how many people like them now.

Another recent change is the ability to add Google Analytics to your corporate Facebook Page. No longer are you limited to the Facebook Insights page, which only tracks your actual fans. You can now install Google Analytics on your page to see information such as keywords, traffic sources, visitor country, etc. Because this information extends beyond those who fan your page, the analytics tracking report provides a much more comprehensive and realistic view of the effectiveness of your page.

Want to install Google Analytics on your page? PHP, Web and IT stuff has found a workaround that eliminates the problem created by Facebook’s limited Javascript abilities.

Thanks to PHP, Web and IT stuff for sharing. If you install and it works let us know! We’d love to hear how your stats differ when comparing your fan views to all of your views!