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Facebook Pages vs. Groups: Which is Best for My Company?

facebook_logoFacebook Fan Page or Facebook Group? It’s the question of the week over here at mRELEVANCE. There are pros and cons to both and the final decision has to come down to what your company needs and wants to gain from its Facebook presence. To help you decide, we’ve come up with a list of pros and cons for each. Feel free to let us know which works best for you and why!

Fan Pages :

  • Pro: Can import blog, YouTube, other social networking sites
  • Pro: Can create events
  • Pro: Can invite all of your friends (and potentially all of your fans) to your events
  • Pro: Updates to your wall will appear in the live or most recent news feed
  • Con: Can’t Facebook-Email fans
  • Con: The page creator cannot leave or un-fan the page (it will be deleted)
  • Con: Cannot control who becomes a fan


  • Pro: Can Facebook-email group members
  • Pro: Can control who can join the group
  • Pro: Can create events & invite all group members & your friends
  • Pro: Group creator can leave the group without deleting it
  • Con: Can’t import blog, YouTube or other social networking sites
  • Con: Wall updates do not appear in the news feed