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Facebook Revamps Its Dashboard

facebook_logoWorking at an internet marketing agency, I’ve come to expect and adapt to Facebook’s changes. If you’ve logged into Facebook today, you’ll notice it looks a little different. Here’s a brief run-down of some of the changes:


While lists have been available for awhile, they’ve been a semi-hidden feature. Now they’re prominently displayed on the left side of your screen. Smart Lists are sorted based on where you live, went to school, work and who’s listed as your family. You can also build your own lists. This concept is similar to Google+’s circles. You can share things with specific lists and filter content by list.

Top News

Facebook wants to be your social newspaper, so the top of your feed is devoted to “top news,” things it thinks you won’t want to miss. Did your cousin post about a job promotion and the rest of your family is congratulating him in the comments? Odds are that will be in your Top News, even if it was posted hours before you logged in.

Recent News

Recent news can still be found underneath the top news, as well as in the ticker on the upper right of the dashboard.

News Ticker

The news ticker not only shows status updates in chronological order – it also shows when your friends comment on posts on their wall or on a non-mutual friend’s photos or status. The non-mutual friend’s content has to be set to public though for it to appear in your ticker.

Your Friend’s Activity on Pages

Now when you visit a page you’ve liked, if any of your friends like the page and have commented/liked posts or written on the wall, you’ll be able to see that activity.

Profiles and pages still look the same, all that has changed is the dashboard. How are you adapting to the changes?

If you need help navigating changes on Facebook or any other social media site, contact the team at mRELEVANCE. We are here to help.