Meet Facebook The Loyalty Card of the Internet

facebook loyalty cardYou may use one when you purchase groceries, gas or office supplies. I bet there is one on hanging on your key ring with your car keys. Loyalty cards reward frequent patrons for their commitment to a store or brand.  This is pretty easy to measure as a storefront, but how do you measure this with your online consumers? How do you know if they like your product, and how do you reward them for staying true to your brand?

AdAge Digital recently wrote an interesting article referring to Facebook as the loyalty card of the Internet.  Think about it. . . whenever someone clicks the Facebook “like” button on your corporate page they are engaging with your brand. And, most likely that means that they want something in return.  Are you giving it to them?

As companies take the Facebook “like” button a step further, you’ll need to find ways to make sure you are rewarding your loyal followers. Virtue is designing tools that will let businesses target fans with distinct messages based on likes and interests. For example, Levi Strauss allows fans to like individual products instead of just the brand. Levi can then use that information to send product-specific coupons and advertisements only to those individuals who “like” the product; thereby turning the Facebook “like” button into the loyalty card of the internet.

Have you thought about adding coupons, discounts or incentives to your Facebook page? Offer your loyal fans a reason to “like” your page and to come back for more than just to read your wall. Engaging customers has never been easier!

S&A Homes Facebook Coupon

S&A Homes Facebook Coupon

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