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Facebook’s newest platform: Open Graph

Facebook f8 This week the world is abuzz with updates pertaining to Facebook’s newest platform. Announced at the Facebook f8 conference, the latest changes are the new Open Graph, Social Plugins and Graph API. You might have seen the tweets, read the comments and scratched your head wondering how these new changes will affect your life.

Open Graph

Facebook is now everywhere. It’s as simple as that. Any site that is linked to the new Facebook platform will be able to customize what you see based on you without you even telling the site who you are. Concerned about your privacy? Well, the truth is this has been happening for awhile. Every time you login to a Web site, that site collects data on you. Amazon recommends books based on past purchasing habits. Everyone loves that Pandora customizes your listening experience. The only difference is that instead of creating new accounts on every site, you will now simply login using your Facebook credentials. The new site pulls your information directly from the social platform and Boom! Everything is tailored to you. News, clothing, books, music; It’s all about you – Your accounts are all synced.

This is the next logical step toward the semantic Web and Web 3.0. Want to avoid this world of targeted marketing and customization? Don’t connect. Every Website using the platform will ask you if you want to login using your Facebook account. Opting out of the system is the easiest way of ensuring that those sites don’t see your information.

Facebook Social Plugins

Social Plugins

The newest Facebook Social Plugins will make sharing information you like even easier. This is GREAT news for businesses as it makes it easier than ever for consumers to share information on the brands and events they love to their Facebook page. Look for the recommend button on all the sites you visit. I just saw it on a Facebook article on CNN!

Graph API

Graph API will make developing on Facebook easier for all Web developers. Now each and every object on Facebook has a unique ID. This will allow search engines to more easily search user updates and get real-time updates from Facebook user’s walls.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “The open graph puts people at the center of the web.” He continues, “It means the web can become a series of personally and semantically meaningful connections.”

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