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Finding Tweetups and Other Events Online

The realm of online social media has exploded in recent years with the growth of sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are many reasons for this, including that social media gives people a casual yet interactive way to stay connected with each other, it allows small businesses to level the playing field with traditional media outlets by publishing their own copy, photos and video to large audiences, and for better or worse it allows information to be spread virally, very quickly, sometimes long before it is even reported by traditional news sources.

As great as social media is, it’s still not a replacement for good old-fashioned face time. To establish strong and lasting connections within your network you have to step out from behind the computer from time to time and meet people in person (or IRL – in real life). This is where tweetups come in. A tweetup (a contraction of the phrase Twitter meet-up) is an event which is primarily organized and promoted via the social network Twitter. A tweetup may be held by individuals, businesses, charities, or social organizations and for various reasons, but a few things they all have in common are that most of the attendees are active Twitter users, and the tweetup gives them a chance to meet others from their network in person, and a chance to create new connections with other Twitter users.

Sounds great you say, but how do I find a good tweetup to attend? If you follow lots of Twitter users in a particular town you may see a number of them start to tweet about popular tweetups and events. One way to find tweetups is through third-party sites like Eventbrite, and Tweetvite, if you go to either of these two sites and simply type in the name of your city or town you’ll get a list of nearby events. If you’ve linked to your Twitter profile from your Google profile simply performing a Google Search for the word “tweetup” should return the most recent results from your social circle mentioning the word tweetup, but what may be the best way to find a tweetup is by using Twitters own search tool. For example going to the website and typing the phrase “chicago tweetup” currently yields two pages of results, this will also allow you to see which events are most popular by how many times it is mentioned by users inside and outside of your social circle.

Try searching for tweetups in your town. Which ones seem to be generating the most tweets?