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Flammer Featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle

Carol FlammerA recent article titled “Builders Drum up Business Using Social Media” in the Atlanta Business Chronicle featured mRELEVANCE managing partner Carol Flammer. She gives a variety of tips for launching a successful social media program. Take aways that are relevant for all small businesses include:

– Have the right tools – this includes a properly built blog and a smart phone. –

– Follow the right people – make sure you have cheerleaders. A recent article on this blog explains the relationship between your social media program and your website’s SEO.

– Post meaningful and engaging updates.

– Plan campaign, include something for your followers from discounts to incentives – what’s in it for them?

    Make sure to start with a strategy for what you hope to accomplish! Flammer suggest Five possible goals for your social media program. Some programs may focus on one or two goals and other may focus on all five!
    1. Increase website traffic.

    2. Reputation management. “When you Google your name, do you like what you see?” Flammer said.

    3. To build a brand. “It’s more important than ever for them to have a cohesive brand,” she said.

    4. To build awareness with various audiences.

    5. Social media optimization. Think of it as a kind of a “cousin” to search engine optimization, and it’s integral to building brand and building awareness, Flammer said. Use your social media program to increase the relevance of certain keywords on your website, she said.